Ever feel like you're flying blind when it comes to your production line?

You know things are happening, but pinpointing exactly when and why can be a frustrating guessing game.

Remember Subhash from Manjummel Boys??

Just like Subhash, needed his friends to catch him, your production line needs a reliable system to identify and address issues before they cause a major fall in OEE

Let’s see how Seewise can help you in knowing the mysteries of your shop floor!!

How Much Availability Are You Losing?

Available Time: No more guessing! Identify periods of actual production and pinpoint any gaps, whether planned or unplanned.

Total Working Time: Track the total duration your line is operational, giving you a clear picture of overall production capacity.

Planned Stoppages & downtime: Gain complete transparency into periods of downtime scheduled for equipment changes, cleaning, or other purposes, ensuring a smooth and predictable workflow.

Real Enemy of Efficiency

Unplanned Downtime : Seewise monitors the unplanned and sudden stoppage of production. Every second counts and Seewise helps you identify and address them promptly

Catalyst for OEE

Performance Monitoring: Track progress towards targets in real-time, allowing for adjustments and interventions if needed.

Shift Performance Analysis: Compare performance across different shifts and identify opportunities for improvement.

Cycle Time Analysis: Measure the time it takes for each production step, identifying areas where processes can be streamlined.

Idle Time Detection: Identify periods of inactivity for machines and workers, allowing you to optimize resource allocation.

Production Per hour: Track your hourly production rate to identify bottlenecks and optimize your processes for maximum output.

Secret Weapon

Traditionally, quality control has focused on visually identifying defects. But what about the unseen factors??

Process methods, cycle times, chemical interactions, and a multitude of other parameters can silently influence your end product.

Seewise steps in here, our advanced technology goes beyond the surface, providing valuable insights into these hidden quality influencers, empowering you to take proactive measures and ensure consistent excellence.

Beyond the Numbers, the Human Touch

AI computer vision isn't about replacing humans; it's about empowering them. By providing real-time insights, the system equips your team to:

Respond proactively to issues: Address minor problems before they snowball into major production stoppages.

Focus on preventative maintenance: Schedule maintenance based on actual equipment usage patterns.

Make data-driven decisions: Support informed choices regarding process optimization. production planning, and resource allocation.

The Road to OEE Excellence

The journey to maximizing OEE starts with a clear vision. Implementing Seewise equips you with the tools to see your shop floor like never before.

Ready to unlock the hidden potential of your shop floor? Explore Seewise AI solutions and take the first step towards achieving OEE excellence!!