Make your Automotive industry process efficient and fool-proof!

Computer vision solutions have become increasingly important in the automotive manufacturing industry for various applications aimed at improving efficiency, quality control, and safety.

Rear Lamp Inspection

Revolutionize vehicle manufacturing with our AI solution, dedicated to precision monitoring of rear lamp functionality, ensuring impeccable quality.

Truck Analytics

Optimize logistics seamlessly with our AI-driven solution tracking truck movements within your factory, offering real-time insights into entry and exit times.

PPE Monitoring System

Prioritize workplace safety, ensure no-tolerance compliance, mitigate risks, and empower your team with confidence in a secure environment.

Quality Inspection

Elevate vehicle manufacturing precision by meticulously monitoring part presence to ensure seamless assembly and impeccable quality in every vehicle

4M Monitoring System

Monitor the critical factors of Manpower, Machinery, Material, and Methodology, ensuring a synchronized and efficient factory operations.