Job Details

We are looking for a detail-oriented and highly motivated ML Data Annotator to join our growing team. The ideal candidate must have strong computer skills who would help in categorizing content and reviewing materials. Your primary focus would be to extract images from videos, annotate them and prepare the complete dataset for training. Attention to detail is important as you may work with similar images or material and need to take note of any distinctions between the content. As data annotator, you will work closely with the machine learning team. Your role would involve taking ownership of transcribing, tagging and annotating data for training the AI model.

Job Description

  • Extraction of images from videos and selecting unique frames to annotate.
  • Tagging and annotating image data using label Img and providing useful information for the machine learning team using internal tools.
  • Extraction of image paths, conversion of annotated files into text format and preparation of training data.
  • Revision of training data as specified by the engineering team.
  • Expected to provide valuable information to the machine learning team on the nature of the data.


  • 6 month - 1 years of work experience