Iron & Steel

Smart Industry Transformation Made Easy!

Power your cameras with AI and enable the shop floor to operate at maximum efficiency. Complete operational optimization in all stages of operation and make Industry 5.0 happen!

Furnace Monitoring System

Revolutionize your furnace management with our cutting-edge AI solution to elevate efficiency, slash costs, and streamline operations.

Galvanizing Monitoring System

Transform your galvanizing plant operations with our advanced AI monitoring system, expertly crafted to enhance efficiency and reduce downtime.

Truck Analytics

Optimize logistics seamlessly with our AI-driven solution tracking truck movements within your factory, offering real-time insights into entry and exit times.

Press Shop Monitoring System

Elevate your press shop's efficiency by staying ahead of disruptions, optimize production, and drive seamless operations with our innovative AI solution

4M Monitoring System

Monitor the critical factors of Manpower, Machinery, Material, and Methodology, ensuring a synchronized and efficient factory operations.

PPE Monitoring System

Prioritize workplace safety, ensure no-tolerance compliance, mitigate risks, and empower your team with confidence in a secure environment.