Optimize warehouse operations with computer vision!

Use AI to seamlessly enhance efficiency and safety protocols to elevate your logistics management to new heights.

Forklift Collision

Identifying blind spots and monitoring in order to avoid Collision, Raising Alert in case of Near miss collisions, minimizing the risk of collisions.

Excess People

Streamlined shop floor operations by maintaining an optimal number of personnel for each task, reducing disruptions, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Truck Analytics

Optimize logistics seamlessly with our AI-driven solution tracking truck movements within your factory, offering real-time insights into entry and exit times.

PPE Monitoring System

Prioritize workplace safety, ensure no-tolerance compliance, mitigate risks, and empower your team with confidence in a secure environment.

People movement in the path of forklift

Use computer vision to ensure smooth operations by preventing interruptions and accidents due to the presence of individuals in forklift paths.

Operator Climbing the rack

Use the AI power to ensure adherence to safety protocols related to material handling operations, emphasizing the prohibition of climbing racks.

Rack Collapse

Ensuring uninterrupted operations by preventing rack collapses and implementing rapid response protocols in the event of an incident.