How it works

Powerful Advanced Features

Dynamically introduce galvanizing monitoring with AI and initiate market positioning total linkage with clicks-and-mortar technology progressively procrastinate compelling.


Return on Investment

Intrinsicly impact resource sucking initiatives with 24/7 relationships communicate integrated products via synergistic leadership skills. Conveniently pursue future-proof web services through empowered bandwidth.

  • Full Compliance hourly and daily targets

  • 100% real-time Poka yoke enabled

  • Maximum feasible Resource OEE achieved

  • Material unavailability delay avoided


AI-Powered Surface Finishing

Choose the right pack and features to attain the highest Value proposition, save zinc and calibrate time with acid concentration.

Secure On-Premise
100% Autonomous
Instant PLC Response
Dashboard Analytics


    Standard features

  • Beam Arrival/Departure time
  • Tank Retention Time Compliance
  • Zinc Bath Temperature Compliance
  • Tank Availability & Performance tracking
  • Personalized retention time email alerts
  • Real time Alarms
  • Mobile app for scanning QR Codes for SKUs
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    Standard features +

  • Rack SKU Details Integration
  • Zinc Retention time compliance based on bath temperature
  • Pickling Acid Strength Compliance
  • Degreasing PH value Compliance
  • Rinsing PH value Compliance
  • Flux PH Value Compliance
  • Drying oven temperature Compliance
  • Unplanned downtime detection
  •
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    Standard & Advanced features +

  • Coating thickness data capture
  • Zinc bath temperature integration
  • Zinc bath level Compliance
  • Nickel Percentage Compliance
  • Aluminum Percentage Compliance
  • Pickling Iron content Compliance
  • Pickling Retention Time based on Acid Strength
  • Degreasing Strength Compliance
  •
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